Ideal for cooking and serving from the kitchen to the table. A working tool with a body made of three metals, copper, aluminum and steel. A mix for a homogenous and sweet thermal spread that ensures cooking without attacking the foods, preserving its nutritional properties and organoleptic characteristics. Inside stainless steel, practical and easy to clean. Middle layer aluminum, lightweight and a very good heat conductor. Exterior glossy copper finishing, a tradition in the kitchen, fascinating and beautiful to see. Solid brass handlesn assembled with strong section rivets. Suitable for use on all cooking hobs including induction.

Sauce pan - 15500 Series


Sauce pan
15500 Series 3-ply copper
Sauce pot - 15500 Series


Sauce pot
15500 Series 3-ply copper
Frypan - 15500 Series


15500 Series 3-ply copper
Lid - 15500 Series


15500 Series 3-ply copper