Tray - Trays
TRAYS Polyester

Solid, stable and original: designed to serve with originality meals such as tapas, sandwiches, meat and more. Its embossed surface makes it visually appealing and provides a better grip. The optional rubber feet provide higher stability and allow you to pick the plate more easily. The Paderno trays are designed to combine ease of use with efficiency and style, suiting the needs of professional chefs, home chefs and food service industry professionals.

41323-11 Trays, Polyester | Tray - 30,00x20,00 cm - Legno light
41323-12 Trays, Polyester | Tray - 40,00x20,00 cm - Legno light
41323-13 Trays, Polyester | Tray - 40,00x30,00 cm - Legno light
41323-14 Trays, Polyester | Tray - 60,00x40,00 cm - Legno light
41323-AA Spare parts, Polyurethane | Feet, 6 pz - Transparent

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