Paderno inspires you - #3

Inspiration 3 - Serving items

Serving items such as springs and pliers, suitable for kitchen and pastry, are versatile and fundamental tools for working precisely and quickly during preparations and services.
They are available in different sizes and shapes. Longer pliers are excellent for barbeque cooking, shorter ones or those with a large extremity are used to remove fishbones. Springs are suitable for serving spaghetti or tagliatelle, for picking biscuits or making portion pastries in trays: you can easily serve any food with a simple pressure.

Generally made in stainless steel, they can have the silicone handle for greater thermal protection.

They are essential in many contexts: they can be used in the kitchen, but also in the dining room for different types of services or for self-service. Pliers and springs are indispensable for catering and buffet, but they are also used to complete dishes with fresh fruit and vegetable toppings, edible flowers and aromatic herbs, without touching anything with your hands. They guarantee greater hygiene and attention to detail.

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