Paderno inspires you - #1

Inspiration 1 - Cake rings

Pastry-making is an Art: from the ingredients to the spectacular decorations, we are faced with a trade that must be cultivated with love, passion and dedication and Paderno really knows it!

Professional cake rings, steel cake rings and steel pastry rings are a must-have for professional pastry chefs and cooking lovers. Resistant and versatile, they are perfect for making mousses, semifreddos, ice-cream cakes and other sweet creations. They are both freezer and oven safe and ensure even cooking. A wide variety of shapes and sizes make rings and frames a very versatile product that satisfies even the most demanding pastry chefs.

In addition to being suitable for food contact, stainless steel provides other advantageous properties and makes these tools:
easy to clean;
hard to deform;
with high chemical inertia (high resistance to oxidation and corrosion, they do not release any chemicals and maintain the organoleptic properties of food);